ODi Charter

The goal of the institute is to create a better world with happier, more productive people by applying evidence-based tools that keep pace with the most up-to-date professional practices and research.

ODi Members

ODi Members represent the most progressive-thinking, outcome-oriented OrgDev professionals that are focused on improving lives and business outcomes through people.

Our members fall into 2 categories

1. Corporate Members (Internal HR Team Members)

Our corporate members are experienced professionals with a dedicated role in HR/OrgDev.

Their membership demonstrates their commitment to their own continual professional development, and to improving the human capital of their organisation. They ensure all initiatives represent the most prudent financial decisions for their organisation. Their membership provides them with access to leading resources, tools and professional services at wholesale pricing.

Much like the consultant members, the corporate members expand their tool sets so they have instant access to a range of solutions so they increase their ability to have the right tool for the situation (along with the training to use them well, and wholesale pricing), instead of having no practical choice but to roll out the old familiar tools (again).

2. Consultant Members (External Consultants)

Consultant members become ODi members so they can provide the very best tools to their clients and provide transparency to the impacts of the interventions they provide through best-in class reporting and insights.

As a consultant member, they are encouraged to always employ the most suitable tool for their clients, even when the resource may not be available via their institute membership.

The best synergies occur when consultant members support corporate members so their is shared mind set of ‘outcomes first’ and a common understanding of diverse range of solutions available through the ODi.

We look forward to working with both of our membership cohorts, and together making the world a better, happier and more productive place.

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