Casting Call For Video Interviews With HR & OrgDev Managers

Casting Call For HR & OrgDev ManagersODi are planning a series of short video interviews with HR and OrgDev professionals from around the world. This is a casting call for those interested in sharing their wisdom and experience with their peers.

The interviews may take place in a face-to-face format, or via Skype, with results published across our web and social media platforms giving you exposure around the world.

The video format will consist of you introducing yourself and then answering the same questions that other participants will be asked. We expect that we will need approximately 30 minutes of your time via Skype, or one hour in person.

Questions asked will include:

  1. ODi’s goal that drives everything we do is to ‘make the world a better place with happier, more productive people’. What are you most passionate about in your career and why?
  2. What do you believe will have the biggest impact on our industry in the next two years and why?
  3. What product / service would you most like to see available to help HR/OrgDev professionals?
  4. Many of us have similar challenges, what major challenge do you have that you would like to hear someone else’s experience in a similar situation, and how it unfolded.
  5. What experience have you had recently that was a great learning for you (positive or difficult) that you would be prepared to share with peers?
  6. What’s the biggest challenge you’d like our audience to share their experiences of with you and why?
  7. What’s the best piece of wisdom you’d like to gift to our audience?

Free Training For Participants

All participants will be offered a free place at an ODi Member’s Benefit Course (travel and living not included).

Register Your Interest Today

To register your interest in participating in the event please email us with a link to your LinkedIn Profile for review. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to provide further details.


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