BPO’s Use Psychometric Profiling for Recruitment and Improved Client Satisfaction

Smaller BPO’s are often challenged by having smaller management teams, but they still need to compete with the larger, more well-resourced BPO’s in the space.

One of the challenges we often hear is that as they grow, they want to be able to make their recruitment processes more efficient and more reliable by adding a simple to use psychometric profiling to their recruitment process.

The benefits of having an effective and simple assessment in their recruiting process, including being able to short-list more quickly based on a candidate’s suitability to a particular role, and to also offer a more sophisticated value proposition to their client. 

This, in turn, helps them win the recruitment work in the first place, and helps their client make a faster hiring decision with the peace of mind of the added scientific rigour underlying the development tools.

One example of a client in this scenario is BPOZim, a small Australian-owned BPO that recruits staff in Zimbabwe to offshore accounting services to their Australian clients. They have found that the additional insights they gain to hire best-fit for the varied roles, from bookkeeping to CFO’s and auditors, by using psychometric profiling has been beneficial to both their business as well as their clients; you can see their full story here.

REACH Ecosystem

The benefits of using high quality psychometrics is clear, while the issue for smaller BPO’s is often the cost per use becomes prohibitive, and the REACH Ecosystem solves this problem.

While the single-use price is similar to the other high quality tools small and medium BPO’s utilise, the subscription approach provided by the REACH Ecosystem gives them unlimited psychometric profiles for a flat fee of only AUD$495 per month – which means they can include it as part of their standard value proposition at a negligible cost.

The pricing model isn’t the only difference, the REACH Hiring Profiles are part of a much larger Ecosystem framework (which is included in the low-cost subscription) and provides a large range of benefits including tools and resources to improve internal training and development, regular huddles and leadership development to retain and grow key staff.

To try REACH Hiring profiles for free for your next hires set up an unlimited use 7-day free trial using this link, or contact us to answer your questions and get you started today.

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