BPO’s Use Psychometric Profiling to Match Client Requirements to Candidates

BPO’s often find that identifying talented individuals from a large magnitude of candidates is an exhaustive process that is expensive and time consuming, with a large enough margin for error to become overwhelming at times.

That is, the task of matching the right disciplinary skills with someone who is inter-personally cohesive for the client and their requirements. When this process is done effectively, there is a reduction in costly re-hires, shorter time to hire and greater client and candidate satisfaction.

REACH Ecosystem

The Reach Ecosystem uses an unparalleled set of integrated, evidence-based tools to help BPO’s make confident and efficient candidate selection, in an All You Can Use subscription model.

This is an evidence-based professional development framework that assimilates data from Specific Role Positioning Profile’s, and comprehensive Psychometric reporting, to identify candidates who are most likely to be the best fit for the role and the employer.

Matching Requirements to the Candidates

The variable requirements set by your client (Input), is cross-referenced with your selection of candidates for a judicious result (Output).  This automated OrgDev system provides for a fast, reliable and highly effective recuitment selection process.  In addition, simple, yet extensive reports are immediately available for you and/or your client for deeper analysis as required. 

This Talent Identifying component is generally used in conjunction with other integrated aspects in the REACH Ecosystem, which includes 360 surveys, culture surveys, automated training needs analysis, unlimited professional training materials, automated coaching plans, sales and leadership development programs, all available for no extra cost in an All You Can Use Monthly Subscription Tap this link to start a free 7 day trial.

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