Emotional Intelligence Research

We invite you to participate in ground-breaking research effort aimed at a deeper exploration of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Emotional Intelligence Research – Please Participate

rq-reach-psychometric-profiles-logoOur Global Delivery Partner LDP are excited to be launching a ground-breaking research effort aimed at a deeper exploration of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Over the years, much has been said and written about EI, and yet questions still remain.  Is it trait-based (some are born with it, many are not)?  Is it competency-based (we can train for it and develop it via specific skills)?  Is it coachable (we can expand capabilities via mentoring and observed practice)?  We believe EI is made up of all these things, and more, with enormous implications for workplace performance in any sphere of influence.

A meta-analysis involving over 30,000 participants has revealed that EI may be most apparent in how we Relate to others as we achieve goals – we call this our “ReAch”.

If we can recognize the dimensions of our personalities that impact how we Relate and Achieve, train and develop ways to maximize our influence, and receive coaching over time to refine these capabilities, we will expand our ReAch – and thus our EI.  The result:  expanded influence, broader impact, stronger leadership, more effective teams and a clear, Productive People Advantage.

To help us extend this research into how ReAch may be reflected as a set of trainable and coachable capabilities, please participate in this study:

  1. You will need about 15 minutes to complete two surveys  The surveys are separate, so you can take them on two different occasions if needed.
  2. First, please take a very short, independent assessment of EI at this link:  http://www.leadingdimensions.com/start.asp?code=P4XSYH1V
  3. Second, please complete the new 2018 LDP-ReAch at this link: http://www.leadingdimensions.com/start.asp?code=V22018LF

Important Note:  There are no right or wrong answers on these surveys.  Each of us has a unique style with which we influence others, and no style is preferred.  In fact, each style has its own distinct strengths that are not offered by the other styles.  So, please answer as candidly as possible, and be encouraged to be open in critiquing the areas in which you may be less comfortable or skilled at this time.  Your most candid responses will provide a helpful contribution to this research, as we align the strengths and improvement opportunities of each style within the context of ReAch.

Upon conclusion of the study, we will provide a summary of our findings. Our hope and expectation is that such findings will prove highly valuable in our training, development and coaching efforts in 2018 and beyond, as we seek to help people and organizations expand their ReAch.

For further information, please contact us.

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