How BPO’s Can Use Psychometric Profiling to Screen and Target Initial Hires

A common headache for BPOs is selecting the appropriate candidate from an extensive application list.  This process can be timely, expensive and often tricky to get right.  Although they have a clear brief from the client and understand the needs and technical requirements, the process of narrowing down the right candidates can often be very time consuming and may have a relatively low pay off.

Psychometrics and/or Position Profiling is an excellent way of assessing candidates, it can confirm skills and abilities as well as working styles and eliminates the margin of error for selecting candidates that seem “perfect” on paper for the role, but turn out NOT to be well suited once in training or when actually placed in the position.

Unfortunately, the process for using these tools and assessments is not usually done until a very short-list of candidates have been decided upon.  It is agreed that Psychometrics and/or Position Profiling provide a clearer, faster and more accurate way of selecting the right candidate, it is the high cost-per-use that  sees them only come into play in later decision making stages with candidates.

BPOs often ask themselves whether the expenditure to use these Psychometrics and/or Position Profiling at earlier stages of the selection process outweigh the cost of time spent, cost of training and incorrect candidate placement?

And is there a better more efficient cost-effective way of handling this process?

By adding the REACH Ecosystem to the process of candidate selection, BPOs can eliminate a lot of these major hurdles.  The tools within the REACH Ecosystem allow them to create a list of requirements from the client and then cross reference it to every candidate that applies though a quick 10-min survey.  This can help narrow down these expansive lists of applicants quickly and efficiently. 

Along with the accuracy of the Psychometrics and Position Profiling within the REACH Ecosystem, all tools relating to further candidate development and additional selection insights are integrated with each other using the same data and delivered using the same language. 

This provides BPOs a clear and easy to understand picture of the potential candidates with minimum input and maximum return on information for themselves and their clients.

The REACH Ecosystem significantly reduces the cost of the candidate selection process for BPOs with an “All You Can Use” subscription model.  It provides unlimited access and use of all the tools and reports for one low monthly subscription fee. 

This gives BPOs the opportunity to use Psychometrics and Position Profiling on every candidate application to speed up the selection process, improve the accuracy of their candidate decision and provide their client with efficient outcomes.

The REACH Ecosystem lets BPOs feel less overwhelmed in an accurate decision-making process, lowers costs and allows them more time to focus of their clients and on business.  Start your free trial of the Reach Ecosystem Today.

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