The Millennial Workforce Worldview

I read The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017 with interest having recently launched The OrgDev Institute (ODi) with a vision to make the world a better place with happier, more productive people.

The survey of 8,000 millennials across 30 countries provides food for thought for the Human Resources, Learning & Development and Organizational Development professionals and whilst I encourage you to download the report, I thought I’d share some key findings here:

  • World Threats – Millennials are increasingly concerned about the numerous threats the world faces and believe multinational businesses should be doing more to reduce the challenges our society faces.
  • Future Prospects – The has been an increase in concerns about personal prospects given world events.
  • Flexible Working – It was clear that those who enjoy flexible working arrangements reported higher levels of performance, loyalty, and trust.
  • Making a Difference – Employees are seeking to make a difference to the world, but are looking to do this via/with their employers.
  • Workplace Automation – Whilst the impacts of automation are concerning respondent, The Future of HR’super-connected millennials’ see opportunities for value-added or creative activities, as well as the learning of new skills.
  • Leadership – respondents are more comfortable with plain, straight-talking language from both business and political leaders. They do not support leaders who take controversial or divisive positions, or aim for radical transformation rather than gradual change.
  • Gen Z – Millennials tend to have a broadly positive opinion of GenZ with Six in 10 millennials believing GenZ will have a positive impact as their presence in the workplace expands. However, Millennials believe that GenZ will require more support than they did.

So What?

When setting up ODi, we wanted to provide HR, L&D and OrgDev professionals with the tools, services and the skills to use them, they’ll need into the future – all at wholesale prices. The results above suggest that what we’re offering members is what will be needed to motivate and increase the performance of Millennials and GenZ, but we will continue to seek out (and produce) such research, communicate with our members in order to make the world a better place with happier, more productive people.

Onwards & Upwards!

John Belchamber
Chief Development Officer
The OrgDev Institute

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