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What an amazing response we’ve had since the launch of The OrgDev Institute (ODi). Over the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of talking with some of Australia’s leading Human Resource, Learning & Development and OrgDev professionals about the features and benefits of the ODi Membership packages. They’ve asked some great questions, so I thought I’d share the answers with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following questions are presented in no specific order.

Does ODi make money from its partners?

No. ODi only generates income from membership fees, of which part go to partners to fund the membership package inclusions. Ongoing purchases from our partners do not generate ODi any further revenues.

Why do partners offer ODi Members such generous discounts?

Our partners recognise that ODi members are professionals working within organisations around the world that they would really like to do business ongoing with. The discount offered to members therefore represents good value to them.

How does ODi select its partners?

ODi maintains an Advisory Board consisting of highly experienced and qualified practitioners from around the world. Part of their role is to identify potential partners ensure that ODi Members have access to world leading quality products and services. Once a potential partner is identified, we complete market research and reference checking to ensure that they meet our exacting standards before entering negotiations with them.

Why do corporate members need 200 full time equivalent employees?

As a rule, this sized organisation has:

  • At least one dedicated professional HR/L7D/OrgDev person; and
  • A dedicated training/development budget; and
  • Organisational development needs.

This makes the organisation the type of client our partners would like to do business with and therefore, would be happy to offer the discounts ODi expects them to.

However, we recognise that there are some organisations that have far fewer FTEs than this but still meet the above criteria. In such cases we individually assess their application and may offer them Corporate Membership.

Who are the consulting members?

Consulting Members are qualified professional business advisors either working in their own consulting practice or as part of an organisation that makes its revenue from providing HR, L&D or OrgDev services. Corporate members benefit from utilising their services given they are trained and experienced in using the same ODi tools and services with their clients.

What is the ODi Advisory Board?

ODi maintains a voluntary Advisory Board consisting of highly experienced and qualified practitioners from around the world. Each person is selected because of the individual expertise and experience they can offer ODi. They hold regular meetings to advise ODi management on strategic direction, industry research and potential new partners.

What if I don’t want to use everything in my membership package?

That’s fine, you are under no obligation to use everything offered to you. However, by using just one or two of the inclusions you will be guaranteed to gain return on your membership investment.

For example:

  • If Corporate Members only use three days of in-house training within your organisation, this would retail at approximately $9,000 – $12,000 and so you’d save a minimum of $2,010.
  • If Corporate Members only use the 100 LDP profiles retailing at $9,900 they would save $1,910.
  • If Consulting members only re-sell their included 360 profiles, they would make $3,410 GP.
  • If Consulting members only re-sell their included Organisational Engagement Reviews, they would save $3,010 GP.

We believe that even if you use just a fraction of your membership package inclusions, ODi Memberships still provide a great return on investment.

I already use a psychometric profiling tool, why should I use LDP?

Whilst there is no obligation to use LDP and ODi membership will still provide you with a good return on investment, over their years of operation our partner LDP has that many of its clients have switched across to them from using others tools. Why have they done this:

  • LDP is as quick and easy to administer as more simple tools such as DISC;
  • LDP provides a four-quadrant profiles (like DISC or MBTI) but then drills down into ten other factors which provide far more details when required.
  • LDP reports don’t just tell you who a person is, they include the ‘so what’ factor as well. LDP reports provide coaching and development tips to help participants develop;
  • The LDP suite of reports cover a wide range of topics for use in many HR, L&D and ORgDev applications making them the ideal tool across a range of disciplines;
  • LDP profie ODi members with discounted access to psychologists trained to develop profile benchmarks and reports for your organisation – further enhancing the tools value and application.

The ODi Advisory Board believes that LDP is among the world’s best assessments – you will too.

Do The Membership Inclusions Expire

The products included in your ODi membership package have no expiry date, providing you have undertaken the necessary training to utilise them properly. These include LDP profiling, NPS, 360 Leadership Assessments, OER to name but a few.

Some services (such as training from PD Training) may experience a price increase over the twelve months of your membership period. After twelve months if joining,  if you have niot used your vouchers, we reserve the right to charge you a fee based on the difference between the price of the service at the time you joined and any increase that took place after your twelve month membership is due for renewal and you are ready to use the voucher.


If you’d like to know more about how ODi membership can benefit you and your organisation, I’d love to hear from you.

Onwards & Upwards!

John Belchamber
Chief Development Officer
The OrgDev Institute

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